Insurance Solutions for Security Companies

Security is a difficult and sometimes dangerous business. You want to be secure in the knowledge that your business will keep operating no matter what happens.

The security industry guards many different types of business and many risks need to be considered. One client’s employee at an Associate British Port lowered the gate to the port too soon, damaging both the gate and the vehicle under it. Another client’s employees were looking at laptops rather than the CCTV and missed thieves removing £20,000 worth of goods from the premises they were supposed to be guarding. One client’s employees forgot to check the temperature control of some very valuable refrigerated goods.

David will give you that peace of mind. He will work with you to find out exactly what cover you need. You’ll understand the impact of risk on YOUR business and how to control risk, avoid it, eliminate it or transfer it to well known insurance companies. By understanding the way the security industry works, David will ensure that there are no gaps. He will always be on hand to help you as your business changes ensuring you remain covered. If you have to make a claim, David will see you through the process; keeping everything simple and easy.

Backed by a major international insurer, our Fire & Security policy has been specifically designed to cover alarm, security guarding, fire protection and similar industries.

Key features include:

  • Efficacy
  • Professional Indemnity - £100,000
  • Fidelity Bonding - £10,000
  • Financial Loss (including products) - £50,000
  • Vehicle Alarms Service Indemnity - £50,000
  • Loss of Keys - £25,000
  • Loss of Extinguishing Gas - £10,000
  • Misuse of Telephones - £5,000

Trades covered include:

  • Alarm installers
  • Sprinkler installers
  • Security installers
  • CCTV installers
  • Passive fire protection contractors
  • Locksmiths
  • Security guards
  • Static and mobile patrols
  • Central monitoring stations