Insurance Solutions for Hauliers

Moving goods and people and other people’s possessions around the world can be uncertain. Accidents happen, goods are spoilt and vehicles are wrecked.

The haulage industry is suffering serious economic pressure as fuel prices rise and new legislation comes into force.

Getting the right insurance cover will help you stay on the road.

The policy of a 20 fleet coach company was due within the week and they hadn’t heard from their existing insurance broker. David was able to get a quote within 24 hours; with a saving of £5000. David hand delivered the documentation so the company had complete confidence that they were fully covered

DW Insurance will ensure you get the exactly the right cover at the right price. David has years of experience insuring the haulage industry. Your business will be fully understood and the risks you take will be carefully assessed. David will help you consider all possibilities; not just your liability but your risk. With David you will know YOUR business is covered, not a business that fits some general description similar to yours.

David will keep in regular contact so as your business changes so can your insurance cover. There will be no black holes. If you need to make a claim, David will be on hand to make sure the process is as smooth and as pain free as possible.

  • You will need Employers’ Liability Insurance ; it is a legal requirement. You must cover your legal liability to your employees.
  • Public Liability Insurance will protect you should you damage someone else’s property or cause someone to have an accident because of negligence.
  • Property Insurance will cover your property against fire, theft and some weather damage. If you have experienced difficulties insuring mixed residential and commercial properties. David will be able to help.
  • Motor Fleet Insurance will cover your cars, vans and trucks.
  • Goods in Transit Insurance covers goods in your possession against accidental damage or theft.
  • Business Interruption Insurance covers a business’s loss of income after a major disruption.
  • Directors and Officers’ Insurance provides financial protection in case they are sued.
  • Personal Accident Insurance will protect you if you have an accident.
  • Property Owner’s Liability Insurance will cover any damage or injury caused by your property.