Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal expenses insurance is there to protect you or your company if an individual or other organisation decides to launch legal action against you.

A legal expenses policy covers holders against the potential costs of the suit. Alternatively if you’re an employee and feel you can make a compensation claim against your place of work then the right policy can help give you the funds to make a successful claim.

There are financial limits of what can be claimed with a legal expenses insurance policy and there are typically two policy types: before- and after-the-event insurance. The event is usually classed as the trigger to the legal action, with legal expenses insurance often lauded as being a more affordable form of cover than paying large legal fees further down the line.

Pollution and Financial Loss

Contractors have to be especially careful that they minimise the risk of pollution every time they work on a site. Soil disposals, for instance, could become contaminated. Fuel could be deposited due to broken pipes, tanks, and other utilities.

Pollution can lead to some serious financial losses for contractors, so it can help if they take out pollution liability insurance to protect themselves should a pollution incident ever occur.

A tailored policy can protect project managers and contractors from pollution risks and address environmental liabilities associated with site operations.

Employee Rehabilitation

Valued employees may have had to take time off work for any number of reasons, including serious illness or injury. While this may have been through no fault of your own, an employee rehabilitation policy in your workplace can help get them back to work with the support they need.

It’s important that this shouldn’t be rushed and that a healthy and safe working environment is accessible to employees coming back to full fitness and getting to grips again with the tasks at hand.

The right internal rehabilitation policy for employers benefits everybody. Employers get the benefits of having an employee back that knows the job well and can integrate seamlessly, while employees keep their position in the company and can rebuild their confidence and skills over time.

Product Recall

A product recall can be a PR and logistical nightmare for any business and manufacturer. Despite the problems an actual recall can present product recall insurance can help by reimbursing the costs associated with recalling a product and replacing it on the market with a new version. A product recall policy can be extended to cover the costs of third parties and is available for a huge number of industries, included the food and drink sector, electronics manufacturers, car makers, toy companies, and others. Most of the time product recalls are an involuntary part of the business, required by government and regulatory agencies. Having the right policy in place safeguards against associated high costs and helps with the running of the business despite such a large interruption.