Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor fleet insurance is essential for businesses of all shapes and sizes that run a fleet of cars, vans, and other vehicles. Even if it’s providing an employee with use of a company car it’s still considered part of the company’s commercial fleet.

Whether it’s vans making deliveries to a number of clients or owning a couple of cars for business activities motor fleet insurance gives your company better protection than taking out single insurance policies for each driver and vehicle.

Motor fleet insurance is comprehensive, flexible, helps reduce costs, and – most importantly – minimises risk.

In addition, fleet insurers can help you put together a programme of risk management and driver training which can not only reduce the incidence of claims and consequently reduce your premiums, but it will help to reduce maintenance and running costs, reduce administrative downtime in having to deal with the claims correspondence and keep your wheels turning.

Goods in Transit Insurance

Goods in transit insurance protects your assets when they’re being transported, protecting you and your business against loss should an accident or unforeseen situation occur.

Goods being transported are always at risk from theft, loss, or damage should an accident occur to the vehicle being used to take items from A to B.

Standard motoring policies may not cover your goods, though, making it essential to have cover for when your materials are in transit.

Marine Transit Insurance

For items sent in bulk across the sea it’s important to consider marine transit insurance to cover your items in the event of damage, theft, loss, or other circumstance beyond your control.

The sea is a perilous place and anything can happen so it’s crucial to have a tailor-made insurance policy that covers the items being transported. Whether importing or exporting compensation afforded by haulage or freight association members is typically inadequate for companies, especially when transporting huge loads, making marine transit insurance essential for businesses that often operate with overseas cargo.

When arranging this type of cover particular attention needs to be paid to the conditions of carriage as these will dictate the degree of your responsibility for the goods and where along the journey your responsibility for the goods starts and ends. Marine Transit cover must be tailored accordingly.

Motor Trade Road Risks Insurance

A motor trade road risks insurance policy is essential for full- and part-time motor traders that run their own business from their home or a commercial premises.

The policy helps owners that need road risk cover for their own vehicles. The policy also covers cars, vans, and others under their control for motor trade purposes. A motor trade road risks policy is perfect for people operating in car sales, vehicle repair, valeting, vehicle collection, and more.

Benefits include not having to take out an insurance policy for each vehicle, with only the driver specified, meaning they can drive any vehicle under their custody for the purposes of their trade.

If you operate from trade premises you will also need separate garage risks cover (also known as internal risks) to cover your stock, plant, machinery as well as your own and customers’ vehicles whilst on the premises. (A Road Risks policy on its own would not cover the vehicles whilst on your trade premises.)