Insurance Solutions for Construction Companies

The building industry is very competitive. Winning contracts may depend on having the right insurance cover. Costs have to be kept tight. You want to feel secure as you manage the many elements of your business; from employees to plant and machinery to other people and their property and land. You want to make a profit. You want to know you’re covered on all your sites and whatever happens. If anything goes wrong you want to stay in business.

A client that has been with David for over 10 years owned a 90% complete office block. 75% of the offices had been pre-sold on condition that the build would be completed within a stated period. Thieves broke in and stole fixtures and fittings; stripped out copper pipe and removed boilers. Water damage was significant. David visited the site, spent time with his client to ensure all the relevant paper work was available to the loss adjuster. The £80,000 claim was settled within the week and the contractor completed on time.

DW Insurance will ensure you are fully covered, at the right price. He has vast experience and knowledge of the building industry. Providing a solid grounding of employment law, risk assessment and health and safety, David will give you the confidence to get on with your working day. You will know that you are in expert hands. As your business changes, David will keep you covered. If you need to make a claim, David will ensure a quick result.

There are many different types of insurance. Some you will need some you won’t. David will accurately assess your needs and quickly provide a tailored insurance policy or bundle of policies. If your business is unusual or you’re finding it difficult to get the insurance, David will know exactly how to find the right cover.

David is always in touch with H&S experts who will provide specialist advice on the assessment of certain risks. These experts will also be able to negotiate with the HSE to significantly reduce downtime following an incident or accident.

  • You will need Employers Liability Insurance ; it is a legal requirement. You must cover your legal liability to your employees.
  • Public Liability Insurance will protect you should you damage someone else’s property or cause someone to have an accident because of negligence.
  • JCT Clause 21.2.1 Insurance will cover you if you damage surrounding property without being negligent, even if the work is being carried out by a contractor or sub-contractor. Damage includes collapse, subsidence, vibration, weakening or removal of support or lowering of ground water.
  • Contract Works Insurance (also known as contractors all risks) covers temporary and permanent constructions and materials should they be damaged or the materials stolen before completion.
  • Property Insurance will cover your property against fire, theft and some weather damage. If you have experienced difficulties insuring mixed residential and commercial properties. David will be able to help.
  • Plant and Machinery Insurance will cover both owned and hired equipment.
  • Motor Fleet Insurance will cover your cars, vans and trucks.
  • Personal Accident Insurance will protect you if you have an accident.
  • Property Owner’s Liability Insurance will cover any damage or injury caused by your property