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  • Fast, efficient solutions to the most complex problems

  • Getting the appropriate cover to meet your needs

  • On-going advice and support throughout the year

  • Need to claim - get the best outcome

  • Draw on our huge depth of knowledge & experience

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Welcome to DW Insurance

All businesses are different, but one thing they all have in common is that risk is inherent in every business venture. Indeed, for most businesses to prosper they need to take on a certain level of risk. (e.g if a farmer doesn’t plant his crop there is no risk that the crop will fail, but his business is doomed to inevitable failure).

David will work with you to help identify and assess the level of risks relevant to your particular business and suggest methods by which you can manage that risk, whether by reducing your risk, avoiding it or taking measures to control it to a more comfortable level.

Insurance is a process of transferring as much as possible of that residual risk which can’t be reduced, avoided or controlled from the business to an Insurance company thereby exchanging a degree of uncertainty for a known cost i.e the insurance premium.

David will work with you to find the policy that best fits your particular requirements. Every situation will be carefully considered to avoid potential pitfalls or gaps in your insurance. You will always be able to call on David for help. He will work closely with you throughout the year to ensure that your insurance remains adequate and relevant to your business as it changes.

Your business may be unusual. DW Insurance has the experience and knowledge to find the policy that matches your needs and demands.

If you have to claim on your insurance, David will help you achieve the best outcome for a rapid and straightforward recovery. He will help you complete the paperwork and ensure it is returned in good time. If the insurance company drags their feet, David will be there to skillfully move the claim along.

“I would certainly recommend DW Insurance to any one who is looking for competitive prices in record times.”