Insurance Solutions for Manufacturers

Whatever you make, you want to keep making it. You have some very expensive machinery and plant. Your warehouse is full of expensive stock. Your goods are on the road and travelling overseas. If anything happens you want to be sure your business stays viable. Even if you suffer a serious setback, you want to be sure you will remain in business and that your recovery is complete and timely.

One client was manufacturing very large, very specialist and very expensive mixing equipment for an overseas customer. The £200,000 piece of kit was successfully insured whilst it was made, transported and installed at the customer’s site.

DW Insurance will ensure you get the exact cover you need. He will visit your premises and assess your very specific risks. All your options will be carefully considered and David will provide you with a tailored policy that wholly meets your particular circumstances. As your business changes, David will be on hand to ensure you stay covered. Cover will always be as cost effective as possible.

  • You will need Employers Liability Insurance; it is a legal requirement. You must cover your legal liability to your employees.
  • Public Liability Insurance will protect you should you damage someone else’s property or cause someone to have an accident because of negligence.
  • Product Liability Insurance protects you should your product cause injury or damage.
  • Property Insurance will cover your property and machinery against fire, theft and some weather damage. You can insure your Stock and Work in Progress.
  • Goods in Transit and Marine Transit insurance will protect your imports and exports plus delivers to customers.
  • Business Interruption Insurance covers a business’s loss of income after a major disruption.
  • Directors and Officers’ Insurance provides financial protection in case they are sued.
  • Motor Fleet Insurance will cover your cars, vans and trucks.
  • Credit Insurance provides protection against bad debts.