Insurance Solutions for Waste Management Companies

The management of waste is a complex, sometimes hazardous business. Under constant pressure from consumers and government alike, the industry needs to keep costs low and confidence high.

The waste management industry has many hazards on site. Accidents are sadly frequent, particularly crush injuries. Fires are also quite common. The compacted waste can spontaneously ignite and the resulting fire is often fuelled by oil and grease that is inevitably around the site. One company had a £400,000 fire claim because of just such an incident.

David understands the industry well. He never assumes one size fits all. He will spend time with you to get to know your business and accurately assess your risks. Risks that can’t be avoided, controlled or eliminated will be expertly transferred to reliable insurance companies. David will always be on hand to help keep your business’s insurance constantly up to date. If anything does happen David will work with you to make the claim process as easy and quick as possible; ensuring your business stays operational.

David is always in touch with H&S experts who will provide specialist advice on the assessment of certain risks. These experts will also be able to negotiate with the HSE to significantly reduce downtime following an incident or accident.

  • You will need Employers’ Liability Insurance ; it is a legal requirement.You must cover your legal liability to your employees.
  • Public Liability Insurance will protect you should you damage someone else’s property or cause someone to have an accident because of negligence.
  • Property Insurance will cover your property against fire, theft and some weather damage. If you have experienced difficulties insuring mixed residential and commercial properties. David will be able to help.
  • Motor Fleet Insurance will cover your cars, vans and trucks.
  • Plant and Machinery Insurance will cover owned and any liability on hired equipment.
  • Goods in Transit Insurance covers goods in your possession against accidental damage or theft.
  • Business Interuption Insurance covers a business’s loss of income after a major disruption.
  • Cover for a small workforce working alone.
  • Directors and Officers’ Insurance provides financial protection in case they are sued.
  • Personal Accident Insurance will protect you if you have an accident.
  • Property Owner’s Liability Insurance will cover any damage or injury caused by your property.